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Why are IT Support Services the Backbone of your Business?

Did you know? The worker on an average wastes 22 minutes every day on IT issues, that’s about 11 days a year! This directly hits your business, costing you time and money.

More companies than ever are starting to outsource their IT support, and for a sound reason. A current study found that businesses that choose to outsource IT have observed declines in spending of up to 40%!

In addition to saving money, there are lots of benefits that come with outsourcing your business’s IT support. But, in order to really reap all these gains, you need to make sure you’re partnering with a reputable IT solutions company in Dubai.

One way to determine if a provider can suffice your business’s needs is to learn about the specific kinds of IT support services they’re equipped to perform.

Keep reading to know about the most critical services that every provider should extend their clients.

  1. Swift Service

When an application or website is down, you and your staff need to be sure of that it’ll be back up and running soon. If you or anyone on your team is incompetent to do their job for hours at a time because of IT issues, money is drained. That’s why support that can be achieved quickly is vital.

Look for an IT services company in Dubai that is recognized for getting the job done fast. Many providers even have a guaranteed response time.

You should also check out the company’s web image. If there are any criticisms about the speed, you should look away.

  1. 24/7/365 Availability

Live Agent - IBTTo render you with quick IT support service, your provider needs to be accessible round the clock.

Your computer network never catches a break. If something goes wrong while everyone’s off for the night or weekend and your site is down for hours or days at a time, your business could be in serious crisis.

  1. Multifaceted Support

There are different levels of IT support; the reason why most renowned IT providers have a diversity of people on their team to take charge of all these levels. It’s not realistic for one person to learn and manage everything.

Look for a provider that has diverse personnel performing its IT support services. Some of the roles that should be appointed on the team include:

  1. Helpdesk technicians
  2. Business advisers
  3. Network admins
  1. Participation in Your Business Plan

Your provider should be committed to your business plan and be invested in supporting you implement the best practices. Your provider should understand that your progress is their success and should work to help you prepare for the future.

There are many ways that your IT provider can do this, including:

  • Engage with you regularly
  • Learn about your business goals and classify IT solutions to help you achieve your goals
  • Help you follow the latest IT developments and how they can improve your business
  • Keep you up to date on everyday IT issues
  • Help you design a budget for projected IT needs
  1. Cloud Storage and Backup Services

Enterprises accumulate data quickly, from client information to payroll and HR data. All this data can drown your servers. That’s why cloud storage and backup services are so valuable.

Online storage makes it simple for you to save money and space. So, when you contract a provider, make sure they’re backing up your data to a remote server consistently and automatically.

You’ll also want to look for an IT provider that renders a variety of hosting solutions to suit your business’s specific needs. A one-size-fits-all strategy is never a good sign when it comes to IT support services.

For example, a private cloud storage solution might be ideal for a larger business that has a lot of data storage necessities and wants to be in full control. A private cloud option will save all data on a company’s intranet and guard it behind a firewall.

However, a public cloud option — where data is handled and maintained by the provider — might be more suitable for smaller businesses.

  1. Routine Security/Maintenance Testing

It’s not satisfactory for your IT provider to just be available 24/7. You also need to make sure they’re routinely monitoring, testing, and refreshing your business’s network. This ensures that your business is shielded from cyber criminals and hackers.

Some everyday network maintenance tasks that your IT provider’s network admin will work include:

  • Installing, substituting, or upgrading hardware and software
  • Monitoring, documenting, and optimizing the network
  • Guarding the network against internal and external threats
  • Preparing for network upgrades, developments, and enhancements
  • Scheduling backups
  • Ensuring compliance with legal ordinances and corporate policies
  • Troubleshooting problem reports
  1. Disaster Planning and Recovery

IT-BlogIt doesn’t matter how well programmed you are. Sometimes, disasters just befall, and you need to ensure that your IT provider can help you overcome that disaster, whether you’re caught with a fire or are a sufferer of theft.

In addition to reviving you get things back up and running as soon as possible after a disaster, your IT provider must have an order in place before anything wrong ever occurs.

When you’re checking out reviews of IT support services company in Dubai, look for information about how those companies controlled the crisis.

Were they prompt to respond? Did they follow the order they laid out ahead of time? Did they take measures to prevent such future problems?

If a provider isn’t capable of providing disaster planning and recovery as an important element of its IT support services, you don’t want to partner with them.


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