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Network & Cyber Security Service Provider Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Turn your network and data centers into a secure medium for business transactions with IBT’s cyber security solutions in Dubai. As more and more businesses go online, it becomes critical for organizations to adopt and implement robust cybersecurity strategies to safeguard their systems, networks, and programs from potential threats. With our expertise and experience in the industry, we provide comprehensive cybersecurity solutions that offer superior protection even against sophisticated cyber threats and address the most vital security challenges irrespective of the size. At IBT, we possess an excellent pool of talents who are highly motivated to add value to the projects delivered.

As one of the most relied upon companies in Dubai, our expertise in the field is extensive. We have an exhaustive array of services and approaches tailored to the specific needs articulated by businesses in the region, making us one of the premier cyber security solutions providers in UAE. Our offerings include cloud security, network security, email security, and data security, to name a few. We help keep your operations organized, streamlined and safe from any potential threats. To learn more or avail of cyber security solutions in UAE, give us a call today.

Our Network & Cyber Security Services

Email Security

Through our robust email security solutions in Dubai, we create strategies that are easy to manage, lowers costs, and detects any potential attacks in advance. It minimizes interruptions in case of an attack and enables quick recovery of data and emails.

Cloud Security

Cloud security is becoming increasingly important as the demand for public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure grows. We assist clients in safely embracing the cloud. As a result, once our customers access information in the cloud, they are shielded from cyber-attacks.

Network Security

We provide turnkey advanced network security solutions aimed to counteract modern-day security threats such as data breach, intrusions and other related threats.

Data Security

Our cyber security solutions in UAE also includes data security services that protect your valuable information and ensure you comply with the relevant data protection rules and legislation.

Infrastructure Security

We’ll devise a methodology that’ll help you better understand your cyber domain and reduce the threats you could face. Our infrastructure security service offers a comprehensive report on your vulnerabilities and assists you in resolving them.

System Security

We utilize the best-in-class tools in the industry, the latest technology and exceptional expertise to help secure your valuable assets. It keeps potential threats at bay and ensures continuous flow in operations.

Application Security

The increased threat of cyber-attacks makes it essential to manage security application and systems in-depth to identify potential threats in advance. Through our application security service, we prevent incidents that could lead to financial loss.

Managed Cyber Security Services

As a leading cyber security solutions provider in Dubai, we understand that each business is different. That’s why our approach is flexible to accommodate the needs of each organization while being cost-effective.

Different Types of Cybersecurity Threats

A cyber security threat is any malicious attack that attempts to gain unauthorized access to data, interrupt digital operations, or harm data. Below we discuss the different types of cybersecurity threats that you should be aware of:
  • Malware
  • Emotet
  • Denial of Service
  • Phishing
  • Password Attacks
  • Man in the Middle
  • SQL Injection
  • Ransomware

Why Your Business Needs Cyber Security

Cyber-attacks are becoming a more complex and emerging threat to your sensitive data. This makes the need for cyber security highly essential as it protects and prevents system infrastructure from cyber-attacks. Below, we discuss the importance of it to your business.

Helps to Reduce Operational Costs

Damages resulting from a cyber-related incident can be costly and damaging to a company’s bottom line. As a result, the advantages of investing in security awareness training outweigh the cost of a data breach or leak.
Helps in Company Growth

Helps in Company Growth

As your company grows, so will the likelihood of being attacked by cybercriminals. Therefore, investing in cybersecurity goes a long way in supporting your company’s growth as you can then efficiently handle large volumes of data.
To Comply with Regulatory Standards

To Comply with Regulatory Standards

This is perhaps the most significant reason why every modern business need cybersecurity. Companies need to comply with several regulatory standards to guarantee the security of digital assets in their possession. Failure to do so can result in hefty fines and penalties.
Increase in Number & Severity of Cyber Attacks

Increase in Number & Severity of Cyber Attacks

With time, cybercriminals are advancing towards more sophisticated attack methods. To safeguard your data, it’s best to rely on a company that delivers efficient cyber security solutions in UAE that prevent such issues.