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IT Help Desk Outsourcing Support and Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

Through email, phone, and chat, our IT Helpdesk renders an unmatched user experience because our professionals care about your patrons as much as you do. Calls are responded in the first minute, and 70+% of the tickets are settled without MSP involvement.


With multiple layers and levels of support available during working hours, after hours, or 24×7 coverage, our IT Helpdesk enables you and your staff to be home in time for dinner. While you party birthdays, vacays or weekends, your patrons receive expert support from our 300+ certified Helpdesk professionals as a genetic extension of your team.



An ideal helpdesk promotes customer satisfaction if it is actively responsive, consistently serves users, and goes the extra mile in service delivery of specialized support. This in a way elevates the company objectives and facilitates the business growth by increasing the number of recurring customers.


The helpdesk serves as the first place for reporting customer complaints, concerns, and queries. The helpdesk should not only try to settle these issues, but they are also accountable for maintaining a track of all complaints, their kind, and recurrence level; besides, they escalate review of issues and product lapses to the improvement team. Thus, the helpdesk functions as the primary source of providing feedback to the improvement team, which by working on such reports, can modernize and upgrade the product.


In addition to reporting complaints, the helpdesk also completes the tasks of complaint administration and resolution. By employing procedures such as complaint ticketing or tagging system, they efficiently manage and direct complaints to their respective resolution centers. This provides clarity, limits confusion at the workplace, and also lessens the time required for the solution of the problem. All these factors improve operational time and result in better productivity.


Any process is worth executing only if it ends in cost saving for a company in the long run. Administering a helpdesk demands human resources, software, and hardware investment resulting in increased costs. However, partnering with IBT, these specific costs are offset by the higher absolute return through growth in productivity, increase in quality of a product, customer gratification etc. Further, by providing real-time feedback on product or service concerns and serving as customary resolution center, you save the cost of both conducting post-release reviews and wastage of skilled members on lower productivity chores.

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Client retention is our primary goal. IBT closely observes all calls to ensure your patrons receive the level of support and care they expect. We know that your firm has strived diligently to forge a partnership with your customer. You can rest assured knowing that your support requirements are in the hands of experienced certified masters.

  1. Incident and service request administration while practicing proper categorization and prioritization codes
  2. Assistance for computers, laptops, mobile and network devices, servers, storage, and more
  3. Support for MAC, Windows, and Linux operating systems
  4. Resolution of incidents and service requests as swiftly as possible
  5. Escalation of incidents and service requests that cannot be settled within accepted timelines
  6. Service asset and configuration management, knowledge management and change management
  7. Web-enabled customer portal to generate new service tickets and watch the status of existing requests and incidents
  8. Monthly performance reporting outlining all service exercises, response times and SLA compliance

Our Semantic Approach

All IBT tickets are tracked and observed for stringent adherence to contract service level agreements (SLA). IBT’s SLAs specify response time requirements for recorded issues as well as escalation timeframes based on preference levels. IBT provides absolute transparency to its clients, empowering them to access their customer portal to inspect the status of their tickets at any point in time.

  • New Service Request

    The end user details a problem by phone, online form, or email.

  • Processing

    The recorded problem is entered into and followed in our ITIL-based ticket management system through a unique service ticket number.

  • Acknowledgement

    The user gets an email notification about their service ticket number; intimating that the problem has been received and logged./p>

  • Prioritization

    The ticket is allocated a preference based on the special type of problem that is met, and the supposed impact that this problem will have on the customer’s business.

Adopt digital and advance your customer service delivery to distinguish yourself in the business. Our IT Helpdesk Outsource Services present you with the right blend of people, processes, and technology to promote your business goals.

  • Assignment

    IBT routes the ticket to the best support to manage the problem in the most expedited way.

  • Customer Updates

    The user gets email notifications on the progress of the resolution as the professional works to settle it.

  • Problem Resolution

    The problem is settled and the professional records note on actions taken to settle the issue and how to limit the issue from reoccurring in the future. After the service desk manager analyzes the ticket and resolution data, the ticket is closed, and the user is informed of resolution.

We evolve and support your contact center to deliver outstanding customer experiences. We take charge of the design, build, and conduct of your customer experience solutions, so you can converge on your core business.

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