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Our approach requires clear service agreements that outline how the relationship will work through responsibilities, time and measurement. We always want to improve the service to the core business and let our clients focus on these areas. We continually strive for improvements in quality and demonstrate a flexible attitude in servicing our clients needs.


IBT have been most successful in developing relationships of trust, mutual benefit when working in the spirit of true partnership. When we understand and share the same values and ambitions of our clients we can become an integral part of our client’s team, creating confidence in our future, enabling investment in training of our teams and the development of IT systems all contributing to meeting the principle requirements of the contract.

IBT has a strong focus towards working in partnership with clients, where the shared risk, highly communicative and collaborative approach garner significant results. This develops a foundation of understanding, accountability and trust which allows us to become a valued business partner in the recruitment arena. This approach allows us to work in a complementary way with the operational procedures of our clients whose internal recruiting capabilities can be of considerable value to us and strengthen the overall effort.
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