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Every company has financing and accounting functions that need to be handled with care and caution, which can be accomplished through an accounts outsourcing company. Sometimes it becomes a saddling procedure to streamline these processes, maintain compliance and optimize spends. If you do not have a dedicated team for these tasks, it can become gruesome to maintain the required balance.

Different processes that are covered under the wide gamut of accounting and finance outsourcing services range from order-to-cash, entity management, procure-to-pay, partial decision making, tax accounting, high-end business planning to consolidation.

IBT with nearly a decade of experience in the given field, offers support in terms of end-to-end financial accounts outsourcing services aimed specifically to generate efficient gains and cost savings for the clients.

All the finance and accounting operations we offer fulfil each statutory, regulatory and operational compliance specified by our clients. We also run SoX compliance processes which are in very high demand from our international clients in the manufacturing sector.

Accounts Outsourcing

Accounts Receivable

Accounts outsourcing - IBT

Bookkeeping Services

Accounts outsourcing

Record to Report Services


We offer end-to-end finance and accounting outsourcing service that helps in the smooth and accurate financial operations of a business.

Record to Report (R2R) Services

As a reliable accounts outsourcing firm, we offer R2R services to improve Record to Report processes. It ensures accurate and timely delivery of financial data leading to stronger compliance.

Finance Transformation Services

IBT’s Finance transformation services are designed in a way that supports our clients in the establishment of control compliance, striking a balance between expense and growth, bringing down the cash cycle and increasing return on investment (ROI).

Order to Cash (O2C) Services

Simplifying the arduous process of the order to cash with O2C services improvising operational and financial performance.

Accounts Receivable and Collections

IBT alters your AR process into a lucrative business function that can be further optimized for better customer satisfaction.

Bookkeeping Services

Over the years, we’ve garnered a reputation for providing a complete end-to-end accounts outsourcing solution that includes bookkeeping services available at reasonable rates while also handling your accounting and tax preparation processes.

Performance Management & Regulatory-Reporting Services

Provides international standards of finance function that ensure more of operational performance visibility, better control and mitigating the business risks.

Financial and Accounting Professionals to Bring back the Focus and Agility to your Processes

Flexible, scalable and adaptable solutions offered by IBT’s finance and accounting professionals. It’s much more convenient and cost-effective rather than managing your own internal team. Our experts are customer-centric that fits seamlessly into your business, minimizing productivity drain, if any, and handles additional pressure to hire and train staff. Whether your requirement is for short-term or long-term goals, our team puts in the same dedication and effort to meet your business goals successfully.

Finance and Accounting Outsourcing Services to Control Costs

IBT is one of the best accounting outsourcing companies, working round the clock to provide finance and accounting processes consolidated with fragmented functions. By hiring our services, you can bring down the overall costs and also improve on performance. The team of IBT reduces the administrative burden on your staff and let them handle the company’s core processes. We offer 24/7 care through various mediums like email, phone, social media, web and live chat.

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