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IT is an integral part of any business; therefore, an IT AMC (annual maintenance contract) is vital for companies across Dubai. Downtime can be a major drain on your time, resources, and budget. Moreover, it prevents you from focusing on the core areas of your workplace. Whether you are an SME or a large-sized business, IBT offers the IT support one would need for their business. With us, you can rest assured of being in safe and reliable hands of a highly responsive and efficient team. Led by a team of friendly yet professional specialists, we offer 24/7 support and guarantee smooth operations of your IT infrastructure.

At IBT we offer a broad array of services that help maintain your IT system on a daily basis. From hardware and software installation to server troubleshooting and cybersecurity, we can provide you with the highest level of services. Our experience and expertise spans across Dubai and the wider UAE, where we have in place a variety of plans that are certain to suit your business’s specific style. For more information on our IT AMC services in Dubai, or if you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

Our Service Inclusions

Hardware Installation

IBT provides a qualified team well-equipped with the resources and tools to deliver efficient hardware installation. We can get your system running at full speed with zero to minimal downtime.

Software Installation

Our IT AMC services include software installation performed by a team of highly capable and trained technicians. It eliminates the worries of upgrading your systems.

Server Troubleshooting

If your server faces problems such as system hags, slow operation, or regularly crashing, our server troubleshooting service has you covered.

Server Monitoring

Through server monitoring, we identify and solve any application hosting and performance issues. It provides unmatched visibility and insights into the performance of your IT infrastructure.

Network Handling

Network handling entails monitoring the availability, uptime, operation, and performance of complex networks. Our efficient team will examine the network interface’s health and performance to diagnose, optimize and manage network resources.

Hardware Maintenance

Avoid expensive systems failure and operational downtime through our hardware maintenance service. It further ensures productivity within your staff and improves its uptime.

Cyber Security

We’ll evaluate the risks and put in place a security plan to protect your company from virus, malware, and other intrusions, enabling your employees to function without interruption.

Remote & Onsite Support

We provide unlimited onsite and remote IT AMC support services to organizations across Dubai and UAE. It is conducted by IT specialists who combine experience and expertise.

Technology Advisory & Consultation

Our IT AMC services include technology advisory and consultation that helps keeps your worries about technology integration at bay. We develop an appropriate IT strategy, manage risks, optimize efficiency, stay update with the latest trends and deal with the regular changes.

Features of our IT AMC Service

24/7 Monitoring

We can proactively track and avoid tech failures by tracking the business networks 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via a centralized hub.

Dedicated Manager and Engineer Support

We have a committed manager and engineer assist your company with our IT AMC solutions, to ensure you 100% uptime.

Security and IT Policies

Apart from protecting your system from viruses and malware, our team will safely backup all your data to prevent any losses.

Implementing Preventive Measures

We continuously monitor the overall network and can therefore recognize and treat possible issues before they arise.

Importance of IT AMC

An AMC contract covers every equipment that businesses utilize for optimal operations. In the present era, we are completely dependent on technology, therefore any interruption can hamper the works and cause downtime. To prevent such issues, an IT AMC is essential for every organization. It ensures your desktops, laptops, and other devices work efficiently. Let’s now understand the importance of it.

  • Saves money.
  • Prevents any unpredicted damage.
  • Well-maintained hardware.
  • 24/7 support.
  • Makes budgeting easier.
  • Increases longevity.
  • Expert technicians at your disposal.
  • Focus on core areas of your business.