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Business IT Outsourcing Services Dubai, UAE

Network Support

We are one of the leading IT outsourcing companies in Dubai offering
cost-effective and responsive IT infrastructure services.

Desktop/Laptop Support

Through our reliable IT outsourcing services, we ensure quick resolution of various hardware and software issues faced by the clients.

Server Support

A professional outsourced IT support company like IBT can help you minimize your server downtime and thus enhance business performance.

Security Support

Ensure improved security of your data storage and management systems with our premium data security and IT outsourcing solutions in Dubai.

Web hosting Support

Improve website performance with our outsourced IT web hosting support that involve constant monitoring, management and maintenance of your IT system.

Email Hosting Support

Our IT outsourcing services also include world-class email hosting solutions at affordable prices in Dubai to improve your company communication.

IBT comes in, with IT Outsourcing Services that will save you money, reduce stress and simplify

application management for your growing business.

We are one of the top IT Outsourcing companies in Dubai with 11 years of experience in providing quality IT support services to different businesses in Dubai, UAE. Over our years of experience and IT support service in Dubai, we’ve ensured that our clients have trusted and continued availing our service of providing quality IT outsourcing in Dubai.

Implementing and maintaining a business solution in-house can be a big investment as well as a drain on your time and resources. That’s where IBT comes in, with IT Outsourcing services that will save you money, reduce stress and simplify application management for your growing business.

Efficient, Result-Oriented and Cost-Effective IT Outsourcing Services

Our certified IT team will be available to provide support as outsourced resources to vendors and corporate companies. Here are some of the outsourcing solutions that can be used by our potential clients from expert team of IBT

  • Controlling Networks/Servers
  • Installation of IT Equipment/Network
  • Maintenance of Network
  • Remote Assistance


When You Invest in IT Outsourcing Services from IBT, You Can Expect:

Peace of Mind:

Your systems are monitored by technology experts from a popular outsourced IT support company

Less Downtime:

Being the best IT outsourcing companies in Dubai, we identify and fix issues before they cause problems or even come to your notice

Fewer Disruptions

We provide most IT outsourcing services remotely or overnight so that your business runs smoothly

IBT IT Hardware & Software Services Exclusive Offers


Desktop PCs, Workstation & Small Form Factor PCs


Network Security Solutions (firewall, antivirus, anti spam malware)


Mobile Devices including Laptops, tablets & Ultrabooks


Apple Hardware including iMac, Mac Mini, iPad, Mac Pro


Microsoft Licencing


Third Party Software Applications


Network Equipment (Switches, Routers etc)


Peripherals & Consumables


Rack Mount and Tower Server Hardware

  • State of the art financing strategies
  • Long term asset procurement designs and templates
  • Ways of standardizing configurations for equipments
  • Leading manufacturer and hardware procurement services

Such partners are in a better position than non-partners for understanding the OEM’s offerings and for negotiating favourable pricing, support and guarantees.

Predictable Budgeting– All-inclusive, All-you-can-use, flat-rate IT outsourcing Dubai that include hardware and software

IBT IT procurement specialists must strike a balance between cost savings and meeting organizational needs.

IT Procurement Challenges

It’s not easy to correctly implement an IT procurement strategy.

Negotiating With Vendors

In theory, you can negotiate with IT industry vendors to secure favorable pricing, strong after-sale support and warranties. However, the practical side isn’t simple.

In terms of negotiating with vendors, IBT has strong industry partnerships, e.g. Microsoft Gold Partner, Cisco Gold Partner, IBM Business Partner, etc. These partnerships are a sign of the vendors trusting you to implement their best practices (e.g. in configuration).

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