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Corporate Governance

Principled goal setting, effective decision-making and appropriate monitoring of compliance and performance across the organization – these are the global standards of corporate ethics that IBT believes in adhering to.

It also enables the organization to act in line with its commitment to intellectual honesty. Fairness, transparency, accountability and consistency are the cornerstones of good governance. This is clearly accepted as part of the organization’s unrelenting will to ensure effective corporate governance. IBT has set a goal of achieving the highest standards of good governance and meticulously pursuing it. This is to help maximize value for shareholders, customers, employees and the society at large.

The leadership team at IBT aims to work within a framework founded on strong corporate values of integrity and ethical behavior. The company will respond quickly to changing market scenarios using the highest standards of expertise, professionalism and experience. It will aspire to act in a manner that ensures effective best practices and strict adherence to legal requirements.