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Private Cloud Hosting Solutions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

IBT provides everything needed in your Private Cloud Hosting Solutions


Businesses that have critical missions that required to be fulfilled on regular basis, have to work for specific security, performances and compliance needs. For this customized private cloud can provide a managed, dedicated, safe and scalable work environment. Private cloud is considered to be a long-term investment, so it’s essential to select the right technology and architecture to make sure best performance over the period of time.

With IBT you are sure to get highly structured and professional approach for private cloud, design, development and implementation. During the process of implementation, we take into consideration our clients’ current as well as future business needs that can scale through virtual private cloud or hybrid IT environments.

Is Private Cloud Hosting required by your Business? Get a swift check!

  • The highly confidential business data of your organization needs strict data security. You also require custom, isolated and dedicated resources.
  • Your business has huge database and need big storage to accommodate it.
  • As an organization you have to follow federal, state or legal rules via highly compliant computing system.

If you respond in ‘Yes’ to these questions, then you need our Private Cloud Solutions.

How IBT helps its clients stay ahead of competition

Completely Managed IT Infrastructure

Private cloud infrastructure services manageable 24/7 with complete support of our team.


Real-Time Firewalls

We specialize in installation of high performance real-time firewalls and keep a check across multiple data centers through web-based management console. This helps in maintenance of maximum possible data integrity.

Load Balancing that’s scalable

The infrastructure of our company is well geared up with cloud load balancers, capable to distribute the workloads across many servers to avoid any overload. It ultimately leads to enhanced applications’ performance that be customized as per the needs.


Servers with Pre-configuration

Our pre-configured servers paves way for faster and greater scalability of your organization’s infrastructure.

Features of our Private Cloud Migration Services

  1. Consistent components that are designed in a format to work together in modular fashion.
  2. Scalable and cost-effective pre-engineered configuration.
  3. Install software and other required tool licenses to maintain control of Private Cloud.
  4. Our capacity build that exists for single tenants describes the scalability that we offer in private cloud hosting for the single tenants.
  5. Availability of option to either install single site or multi-site high availability configuration.

Private Cloud server providers for Every Business Type


Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)

IBT offers scalable but specifically reserved VPC resources to our clients at a fixed price customized according to your business needs. The private and remote environments are always ready for compliance, offering best of granular security features.


Dedicated Private Cloud (DPC)

Our DPC solutions are perfect mix of scalability, reliability and security. On parallel note we provide your team the authority to take control. It would be your cloud! It offers remote access to the servers which serves the purpose of offline administration and management.


Platforms We Support

  • VMware Private Cloud
  • Microsoft Cloud Platform
  • OpenStack Private Cloud

Why IBT for Private Cloud Infrastructure Services

Dedicated Support

Our team of cloud specialists closely monitor and preserve the health of our clients’ private cloud. They can be contacted 24/7/365.


Customized Security Standards

Get a complete array of reliable security services that are customized as per requirements. We give access to multiple protection mechanisms to safeguard against various Internet Threats.


Decreased CapEx (Capital Expense)

With a private cloud solution, the ongoing costs of your company’s infrastructure are drastically reduced, simultaneously getting rid of the hardware headache.

To Build a fully functional Private Cloud solution, talking to us is the first step.

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