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Call Center Outsourcing Services Company in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Tailor-made and customized are two key features that distinguishes IBT’s call center outsourcing services with other competitors. We perceive each client as our partner rather than just a service receiver, which enables us to create bonds of mutual trust and reliability with them. By abiding higher standards of working environments, our call center outsourcing services are undertaken by highly motivated and professional team. Our usual set-up of call center teams comprises of dedicated service teams that handle one client at a time thus giving their complete time and resources keeping in consideration specific needs of the project.

Our team focuses on providing your clients the best service on your behalf. A dedicated and skilled team of agents are trained to handle all your calls with complete background knowledge of your business and products.


Highly professionals and well trained telemarketers can turn your prospect clients into profitable customers. We train and encourage our team members to go a step further and lay a foundation of lasting relationship by using personalized and friendly approach.


Provides assistance and technical support to businesses / consumers that are experiencing operational issues with the product.


Offers support in processing customer’s service request, attracts potential customers by responding to product / service questions, and attempts to exceed customer’s expectations


Our call center provides capacity and capability to close sales on the phone and/or physical visit to the end customer. We have wide range of experience in direct sales, cross selling and upselling to a varied customer base.


Services offered by IBT as a Call Center Outsourcing Company Dubai, UAE

  1. Out-bound call center services
  2. In-bound call center services
  3. People management
  4. Data entry services
  5. Quality assurance and monitoring
  6. Forecasting and scheduling
  7. Market research service
  8. End-user satisfaction level research
  9. 1st and 2nd level customer support

IBT Workforce

Your project is handled by highly skilled and professional staff and management personnel whose ultimate goal is to serve your brand consists of:

  • Brand specialists that serve as our associates work tirelessly to promote your brand and deliver exceptional customer experience.
  • Ensures your complete involvement in operations by aide of our infrastructure team with in-depth experience in operational design.
  • A vivacious work culture that inspires maximum innovation, creativity and team spirit.
  • Specific project-based training provided by professionals to the team to generate complete know-how of the products/services offered by the clients.

IBT’s Benefits as a Call Center Outsourcing Services Company Dubai, UAE

  1. Multi-channel approach
  2. Capacity to handle large volume of calls
  3. State-of-the-art technology
  4. Reduction on the labor costs
  5. More savings via operational efficiencies
  6. 24/7/365 services
  7. Stringent data security
  8. Affordable pricing

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Why You Need to Outsource Call Center Services?

Being a cost-effective resource, there is more if you hire call center outsourcing services company. We have developed proven strategies that are accepted worldwide for realization of process enhancement endowed with advanced operational efficiencies.

Thousands of successful organizations all over the world have already accepted that by outsourcing their sales work to call center services company can solely contribute a major chunk towards company’s cost savings. Our call centers have staff that are experienced, professional and skilled, extended knowledge of outbound and inbound telemarketing and render expert management ensuring smooth functioning of all your operations.

We firmly believe that cost-saving should never mean poor quality, as this advantage is a default one when call center services are outsourced. The most prominent aspect of IBT is, we understand your business processes completely, identify the business opportunities and then develop a comprehensive approach meant for high profitability and competitive advantage.

How it works?


Communicate to us about your call center requirements.


Signing IN

After the final selection of the agents, the contract is sent for you to sign and invoices to be settled.



IBT would then schedule a final interview with the call center agents shortlisted for your project.


Product Training

Your dialer is set-up, the product training starts and then it goes LIVE.