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IBT Telecom Division provides Telecommunication solutions with the state-of-the Art products in the field of Telecommunication, Telecom, Networking, Security, Monitoring, Control, Telecom Software in Dubai. Representing the world leader in the field of communication Avaya, Cisco & Nortel, IBT has the expertise skilled Engineers for Installation of IP Telephony System in all of the UAE.

IBT can provide the customers with the latest technology, and by adding the in-country services of integration capabilities, this add value to our valuable Customers. Our customer’s base includes the major corporate, Major Contractors, Hospitalities, etc. In the Middle East and we are committed to provide the highest quality products and services to each of our customer.


Less Costs

You will realize greater savings with IP Telephony over PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines, and there is no investment in equipment and maintenance with a hosted and managed IP Telephony solution from IBT.

More Flexibility

Calls can be made over an Internet connection from a standard phone or a computer. New users can be added easily and quickly, without involving IT.

Enhanced Productivity

Your people can work anywhere, be reached anywhere and still access the wide range of features on the network.

IBT Sets the Standard in Business VoIP


Award-winning CLOUD-BASED Solutions

Thousands of companies are switching to business VoIP.

SEAMLESS MOBILITY between all devices

Think outside the office, where ever business takes you.

A ton of FEATURES customized for your business

40+ features take your business phone to the next level.
Ensure High VoIP Service Availability with IBTLet's Talk!