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Infrastructure for New Hotel Technology in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

Digital solutions for hotel and hospitality industry

As the cultural and consumer awareness has grown with the time, emergence of lifestyle hotels and hospitality industry has also received a boom. Due to over-grown competition and expectations, this industry faces the challenge to attract and sustain loyal customers tapping both offline and online channels that includes websites, social media, guest referrals, print media for marketing and more. The focus is more concentrated on best of client servicing by adopting latest IT technology.

IBT offers high-end IT infrastructure solutions for new hotels in Abu Dhabi helping them increase productivity, efficiency and reduce operational costs. We help new hotels deliver the experience that their customer’s demand by competent alignment of back and middle office to support the front office through combining digital technologies, analytics, design thinking, lean principles and domain expertise.

How IBT is helpful in providing IT solutions for new hotels in Dubai
Streamlined Operations

Offer your guests a seamless hospitality experience by opting for our global, modular, flexible and cloud-ready infrastructure.

Certified Managed IT Services for New Hotel Technology

Upbeat flat rate for IT solutions for new hotels in Dubai and Abu Dhabi comprising of 24/7/365 network monitoring.

Virtualized Solutions

Create computing environment that is scalable and computing, that saves on overall energy, upkeep and hardware costs and simultaneously increase efficiency.

Increased Mobility

Mobile app solutions extending functionalities to smartphones, allowing your hotel staff of virtual guest management from anywhere.

The Solutions

IBT can offer end-to-end IT infrastructure solutions to new set-ups of the hospitality industry like- hotels, resorts, casinos, airlines, online travel agencies and more. Our services are a perfect blend of business processes and hospitality IT solutions.

  • Quality management and governance
  • ERP support
  • Vendor selection
  • Project and program management
  • Wireless solution for all guest rooms
  • Business process design, development and documentation
  • Internet billing system with PMS integration
  • Application testing, integration and performance testing
  • Data warehousing – design, development and testing

  • Vendor management and capturing of discounts
  • Loyalty program of accounting and analysis
  • Credit risk analysis
  • Travel and expense management
  • Finance & Accounting systems and controls

  • Operational and governance excellence
  • Offer scalable and globally standardized operation model for new hotels
  • Arranging and optimizing service centers that are shared regionally.

  • Inventory planning and control
  • Procurement

  • Customer loyalty program design and analysis
  • Hospitality cost management and operating margin analytics
  • Yield and pricing analytics

  • Property Management System
  • IP/Interactive TV
  • Point of Sale System
  • IP Telephony
  • Structured Cabling
  • PDAs for Restaurants
  • Restaurant and bar system
  • Signage solution for Reception, elevators and conference rooms

Is your new hotel adhere to PCI Compliance standards? Oblige us by letting you help!

At IBT, we understand the importance of new hotels to have PCI compliance which is absolutely essential. Did you know, if you fail to comply to these standards you could be fined thousands of dirhams! To avoid losing money and credibility and have peace of mind, use our security solutions ensuring that your set-up adhere to PCI compliance standards. These solutions offer you the required technology to protect your guests’ and business information. Let us work together for a secured business environment.

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