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Data is at the heart of any innovation. We collect various types of data in the field to help our clients innovate the future. IBT provide a comprehensive suite of specialized, accurate, relevant and quick data collection services.

Our fast, flexible data collection methodology can be the solution for a single task or a continuous project. As an industry specialist, we provide solutions that save our clients time, money and reduce and processing errors.


Data Management Solutions offers an end-to-end data collection service including:

  1. Analysis of data quality
  2. Analysis of company wide data coverage and current consistency
  3. Collection of prospective client’s current data points.
  4. Complete data collection
  5. Database design
  6. Data delivery
  7. Product delivery


IBT is a boutique data collection company that works with major market players in the speech and artificial intelligence sector. We offer high quality and custom solutions based on the needs of each unique project. At a party, in the mountains, or at an office meeting; you name it, we will set it up.

Contact us to find out more about the exciting projects we are working on, or to see how we can help ensure your product or service is ready for people.

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