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IBT Call Center Services Can Help You Expand Your Business

Call centers are often viewed as a place for customers to interact and sometimes vent at a company’s trained service representatives. However, with the proper approach, they can yield far greater rewards. Call centers can be used for a business to increase their sales.

Finding a great IBT Dubai call center with fully-trained representatives will help your business make sales.

Why Do You Want Call Center Outsourcing?

A lot of people are a bit scared of the idea of a call center, and an outsourced one makes them even more wary. After all, call centers have a poor reputation, and many companies are left with the idea that an outsourced call center in particular will provide bad customer service.

Almost nothing could be further from the truth! A call center is important for delivering great customer service, and for small or growing businesses, outsourcing can help deliver the best possible customer service. Better yet, it even supports growth.

What are the possible areas where a call center outsourcing solutions provider can be of help to your company, aside from customer support?


Having a call center outsourcing solutions provider as a partner for your telemarketing processes could help your company increase your business’ sales.

Lead Generation

Lead generation can help your company improve sales by looking for potential buyers for your product and later on reaching out to these potential buyers to offer your product or service.

Claims Processing

There are situations in which an unsettled claim or bill needs to be followed up and attending to this would hinder you from moving forward and from focusing on other important tasks, which is why a trusted and preferred outsourcing partner would be your best option as you will be able to do this work process while you move forward with your business.

Shipment Track and Trace

With the different merchants in the market who offer shipping of purchased products, there is a risk that the product delivery gets delayed or just simply, the consumer wants to check on the product that she has bought. Call center outsourcing companies are also popular in providing this service because companies have realized that maintaining an in-house team that would handle such process has proven to be quite an added expenditure for a company.

Order Processing

In any business or enterprise, fulfilling a client’s order correctly and without delay is just as vital as acquiring a new customer. When you outsource order processing with Executive Boutique, you save time and money. Today’s marketplace demands an increased focus on core business competency rather than back-office processes. Our agents are highly trained in all aspects of taking single and batched orders, wire transfers, telephone payments, fulfillment, mailing and post-sales processing.

How IBT Call Center Outsourcing Boost Growth?

You’re convinced call center outsourcing is the way to go for your growing company. After all, it helps you provide your customers with great service, even during periods of growth when resources might be a little thin on the ground. You don’t want to sacrifice either, and call center outsourcing ensures you don’t need to.

Outsourcing your call center can also boost your company’s growth, however. It makes sense: If you provide great customer service, your customers will keep coming back (and hopefully bring their friends). Great customer service does contribute to growth.

But there’s another way an outsourced call center can help, and that’s through outbound services. Your provider can help you get in touch with existing clients, some of whom may not contact you otherwise. This can keep customers happy and strengthen brand loyalty. The feedback you receive can also help you improve your business, ensuring you gain more customers in the long term.

Hire the Best IBT Call Center for Sales in Dubai, UAE

IBT contact services is a scalable call center with solutions to help medium-to-large sized businesses generate more satisfied customers, and in turn, create more sales. We offer Inbound, Outbound, Customer Care, Order Management, Sales Acquisition, Cross-selling, Up-selling, Inquiry Service, order processing and much more.

Consider hiring us at IBT call center outsourcing to provide customer service that will allow your business to continually grow. Our highly trained and experienced teams know how to improve customer satisfaction. Members of our team will be thoroughly trained and know your business almost as well as you do. Contact us today to learn more about us and the dynamic services we offer.

Every business has different needs and for your business to fully maximize the services being offered to you by call center outsourcing companies, it is best if you would dig deeper into the assessment of your business so as to make your call center outsourcing partnership successful. Keep in mind that it is suggested for your company to not only take into account the cheap costs an outsourcing company is offering you, but their reputation as well. A good contact center solutions provider will enable you to maximize your current budget and offer you the type of call center service that is right for your business.

Tips to Ensure IBT Will Help Grow Your Business

Know your Growth Plan

Before your company starts the outsourcing process, it is imperative to align your strategic goals to your long-term business and financial plans, as well as pinpoint possible outsourcing partners that have the global presence that your company is looking for. For example, if a hotel chain has anticipated growth and expansion in Dubai, UAE over the next five years, a localized call center in Dubai, UAE may be the best strategic location to deliver services based on infrastructure and language requirements.

Infrastructure Consolidation and Centralization

Companies should try to consolidate and centralize their BPO efforts. Too often, outsourcing is a way to save costs, but by doing so it’s easy to fragment and displace important people, processes and tools by searching for the “ideal” combination of countries to outsource services to in order to achieve the lowest possible cost.

As opposed to outsourcing specific processes, such as call centers, to an expanded group of locations, your company should centralize and consolidate the support services to be able to fully understand the increased efficiency and quality and decreased costs. This concept also allows companies to more thoroughly maintain streamlined business processes, which is key for the bottom line.

Track your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Service Level Measurement (SLM) is a critical factor to the success of any outsourcing efforts. When making the decision to implement BPO, there will be deliberate performance metrics that your company must maintain such as a consistent level of productivity, efficiency and quality to its customers and end users. Depending on the industry, some key results from tracking KPIs include:

      • Increased revenue
      • Increased customer satisfaction rates
      • Reduction in number of Tier 3 (desk side support) incidents
      • Increased end-user productivity
      • Overall reduction in the number of IT-related errors

Identify the Right Solutions for Your Company

With the fast-growing and emerging trends in technologies available today, companies have the opportunity to use a number of customized solutions that enable outsourcing initiatives to transition smoothly and seamlessly within the customers’ existing infrastructure. Arguably, one of the most important factors your company needs to consider is whether or not the outsourcing firm you are using is adhering to specific IT security standards of compliance. Just as important is that the provider has a clear understanding of the certifications needed to do business within a specific industry. For instance, retail and hospitality companies are required to meet the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard – a set of requirements designed to ensure companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment.

Key features of successful outsourcing solutions also drive process efficiencies by allowing for complete visibility with incident management, product management and knowledge management work flows through a web-based ticketing system, managed and operated from a centralized call center location.

Remember, Your Level of Performance is Only as Good as your People

When it comes to BPO services in Dubai, your people are the most important factor. The first step is identifying the roles and responsibilities of each resource as well as the skill requirements the partner mandates for its employees. For instance, if a hotel chain decides to outsource call center services as it expands globally, it may require their employees to be multilingual to work with customers around the world. Executives should also leverage outsourcing partners that use only badge (W-2) resources versus temporary or subcontractor labor, and outsourcing partners that leverage a dedicated support model versus a shared support model.

Outsourcing partners that recruit and hire badge employees on dedicated support teams have much higher retention and customer satisfaction rates as compared to outsourcing partners that do not have a dedicated support model. It is important that executives search for potential outsourcing partners that provide continual training that enables their employees to be abreast of technology upgrades and changes within the customer environment. Furthermore, the outsourcing partner should always be investing in continuous training for its employees – the more comprehensive the training, the more consistent the performance and, ultimately, the result is an enhanced service delivery to its end user solutions.