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Public Cloud Server, Migration, Infrastructure Services and Solutions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

The public cloud presents smooth access to IT resources as you require them and when you require them, decreasing the cost and load of open-ended hardware and data center management. Today’s preeminent cloud solutions deliver IT settings that are more resilient and scalable enabling you to innovate and more promptly respond to business and market calls.


Cost-Effective Model

Only spend for the resources you utilize to run your business.



Drive innovation by leveraging the dexterity, adaptability, and scalability of the public cloud.


IT Modernization

Modernize applications with cloud abilities for augmented performance and lessened IT costs.

Why choose Public Cloud Instances?

Assurance of CPU, RAM, bandwidth, and no hardware management. These are just some of the benefits that make the IBT Public Cloud stand out.

Based on open-source software technology, the IBT Public Cloud is defined by its peculiarities that extend extreme flexibility. You access these peculiarities through an intuitive user interface or via an API, enabling everyone to enjoy all the gains of the Cloud, whatever the quality of their project.


Flexible Servers

Our servers are released in a few seconds and charged by the hour. Whether or not your application is “cloud ready,” you can modify the power of each system to suit your needs.

IBT Gains

  1. Launch several systems in one snap.
  2. Got a peak load? Raise the power of your “Flex” instances then return to standard power without having to reinstall.


Countless Snapshots

Take snapshots of your servers in a few clicks or via the API to back up your settings or expedite your developments.

IBT Gains:

  1. You can also take snapshots of your extra disks.
  2. You only spend for storage space.


Easy Billing and Usage Notifications

You get a periodic invoice for each of your projects which covers your usage (servers by the hour, extra disks per GB) and servers that you spend for monthly, (50% less costly than spending by the Hour).

IBT Gains:

  1. Keep your project budget in check with usage notifications.
  2. You can fund a project in advance (bank card, cheque, or money order).


250 Or 500 Mbps, with Anti-DDoS Security

Internet bandwidth is promised as is your private network interface, and there is no traffic boundary.

IBT Gains

  1. IBT anti-DDoS security is included.
  2. IBT does not cost you for your server or disk network traffic.

Ips Icon

Extra IPs with No Monthly Pays

Supplement up to 256 IPs per server in addition to the free IP covered and transfer them from a server to server in a few seconds.

IBT Gains

    1. You only spend setup fees for extra IPs. There are no monthly pays after this, as long as the IP is designated to an IBT system.


Private Networks Spanning Continents

Build various private networks to secure and expedite transfers between your virtual servers within the vRack.

IBT Gains

    1. Your systems communicate between several datacentres, from one end of the globe to another. And you can also build several vLANs!

Disk Icon

Extra Disks

Supplement one or more disks to complement the storage area already covered. Raise their GB size whenever you require.

IBT Gains

  1. Triple data replication and two ranges of disks: better value or better read/write performances.
  2. These disks can be utilized as boot disks.

Project Icon

Management per Project

Arrange your resources (servers, disks) and give various users access in read-only or read/write mode.

IBT Gains

    1. You can also equip your teams with direct access to the software tools.

Configurations Icon

Ready-To-Use, Custom Configurations

Install more than 15 Linux configurations or Windows and FreeBSD configurations. Import your images (numerous, well-known public or private cloud formats).

IBT Gains

    1. Our images are fit with cloud-init for automating your software deployments.



No matter where you are in your cloud journey, IBT can provide real value to public cloud clients through 24x7x365 access to thousands of cloud technicians to offer proactive infrastructure advice and security direction.

With years of experience growing capabilities of the world’s leading technologies, IBT has the expertise needed to provide a secure, multi-cloud solution to suffice your most critical business calls.

Cloud infrastructure and management demand new skill sets and rich expertise. We provide 24x7x365 access to one of the massive workforces of certified Azure technicians in the world.

IBT is uniquely equipped to help recognize, design and manage the best cloud solution to satisfy your needs today and into the future.

IBT’s managed security services assist you to leverage the public cloud while satisfying even the most rigorous security and compliance requirements, with 24x7x365 monitoring, pro-active threat detection and remediation and compliance support.

Whether you’re looking to stabilize, migrate, update or upgrade, we’ll work with you to make the maximum of this innovative technology. Together we’ll concentrate on what you need. From consultancy to implementation, management, and support, achieve your public cloud potential with us.

Public cloud enables you to build a secure virtual machine on a multi-tenant cloud infrastructure. Realize significant cost-efficiencies as the cloud infrastructure is created on a shared platform, rendering private virtual machines for individual organizations.

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