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Hybrid Cloud Hosting, Platform Solutions & Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Dubai

Handle all your workloads successfully by imbibing hybrid cloud system, unified combination of private and public cloud solutions.

How Hybrid Cloud solutions Help your Business


Enhanced Security

If you want enhanced security features and complete control over business-critical data and apps, integrate the private cloud.


Fast Performance

The single-tenant dedicated servers offer fast performance, reliability and security on basic metal machines.

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Better Scalability

For unpredicted and heavy traffic incorporate public cloud’s pay-as-you-go scalability, and minimize the overall IT costs.

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Why are our cloud services in Dubai Special

IBT is a provider of cloud solutions in Dubai, offering simple yet highly functional cloud solutions across various industry verticals. Our hybrid solutions are all about security, governance, support and control of your IT and business needs. Hybrid cloud serves as a catalyst for IT transformation, offering the much-needed flexibility to amalgamate the preferred cloud solutions and the present on-premises infrastructure in best suited ratio. Our hybrid cloud technology in Dubai is known globally for the multi-cloud environment capable of fast provision of infrastructure and apps through automation and virtualization.

Make a plan and roadmap for utilizing cloud technology to organize

Our hybrid cloud solutions in Dubai will help you incorporate the benefits of cloud into your business and deliver everything needed as a service. This would make your business capable of organizing faster, generating novel services, and tapping new business opportunities.

Platforms we support in Hybrid Cloud solutions in Dubai

For the best fit hybrid solution, use IBT’s services to connect OpenStack, AWS, VMware and Microsoft to the old dedicated servers.

IBT Hybrid Cloud offers:

  1. Following the standards religiously: 100% compliance with the regulatory mandates associated with data protection and recoverability.
  2. Accessibility and Data Integrity for all business types and sizes: Native and off-site backups laced with ZFS data integrity.
  3. Control Infrastructure for MSPs: Best Hybrid solutions minus the responsibility of platform maintenance.
  4. Parting away from tape archives: Lesser necessity to buy big local storage due to backup pruning restrictions or data growth.

Why Hybrid Cloud services in Dubai

We tailor-fit the cloud solutions for your unique business needs and convert your IT resources into important business gainers. Find out how IBT’s hybrid cloud solutions in Dubai helps you meet the IT goals and dissolve the common business challenges.

Uptime & Support

IBT includes our 24x7x365 Fanatical Support® and a 99.9% connectivity uptime guarantee*.

Transfer traditional apps to Cloud platform

App optimization is made possible with cloud technology. Attach the cloud to empower the traditional apps for better performance, enhanced user experience and reduction in IT costs.

Cultivate and Install Cloud-Native Applications

Update the app development to accelerate the business growth. Speed-up cloud native app development and its application to reply faster to new opportunities.

Assimilate cloud operations

Assimilate the cloud insights and controls to improve results. Get control and visibility of the cloud layers that in turn enhances capacity, security and cost management.

Speedy Establishment of Infrastructure

Disrupt the existence of barriers that limit your business growth. Give more power to IT to get on-demand infrastructure services that speed up time-to-market for new services and apps.

Types of Hybrid Cloud Solutions in Dubai
Back-End System Integration

Ensure optimal business continuity by integrating your on-premises infrastructure with cloud.

Cloud Backup and Retrieval

Safe and secure backup for your company’s IT infrastructure with a minimalized inactivity retrieval mechanism.

Cloud Bursting

Practically unlimited cloud storage and computing facility to elevate your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Disaster Recovery

Exceedingly vigorous and flexible disaster recovery environment exclusively for your IT infrastructure on the cloud.