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Customer Care Outsourcing Services in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

IBT’s Customer Service Practice

The industry of customer service is a dynamic one, evolving continuously. With emergence of more and more organized companies, the demand of effective customer support channels has increased. Its became crucial for the companies to handle customer touch points throughout their entire lifecycle. IBT’s customer care services have deeper understanding of every client’s specific expectations and ensure that it gets addressed in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

Comprehensive Customer Care Outsourcing That Satisfies Your Every Business Need

IBT’s customer care outsourcing includes revenue management, customized customer support service, order processing services, after sales support and many other. We work in a fashion that ensures seamless integration of your business. You can enhance your brand value by implementation of customized ‘Customer Relationship Management Strategy’. The supportive services like inbound and outbound call center support, live chat, mobile SMSs and email management aid in achieve your business goals.

What We Offer

We’re here to exceed expectations of your customers.


Inbound Customer Service:

Our market-tested technology, unparalleled agent training techniques and skill in customer interactions across multiple mediums deliver fast response times to customer calls and prospect inquiries.

Back Office Services:

Outsourcing your back office support will not only cut your operational cost significantly but also allows you to foresee it in the upcoming years.

Chat and Email Support:

Live chat support helps assists businesses connect to their clients proactively by encouraging them to an online chat.

Billing and Collections:

Billing and Collections handle a lot of confidential information like the personal and banking information of the customers, We abide to global security standards to protect the identity and information of any individual.

Technical Support:

Outsourcing your Tech Support Services allows your team to focus on product development and getting the feedback required to improve future runs; While saving costs overall.

Data Entry Services:

Data Entry Outsourcing services could be among the most cost-effective moves your company invests in, with immediately noticeable impacts.

Why Outsource to IBT

When support is good, clients say “thanks”. When it’s stellar, they go “WOW”!

Scalable 24/7/365 support:

Meet your customers’ needs and demands with our 24/7/365 support in any time zone.

Omnichannel Services:

Find the most effective tools and metrics that suit your company’s needs in the best way.

10+ Years of Global Experience

Deliver effortless customer experiences with a team of qualified experts.

We bring "Wow" support experience to your customers