Customer Service Outsourcing in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

IBT’s Customer Service Practice

The industry of customer service is a dynamic one, evolving continuously. With emergence of more and more organized companies, the demand of effective customer support channels has increased. Its became crucial for the companies to handle customer touch points throughout their entire lifecycle. IBT’s customer care services have deeper understanding of every client’s specific expectations and ensure that it gets addressed in a comprehensive and sustainable manner.

Comprehensive Customer Care Outsourcing That Satisfies Your Every Business Need

IBT’s customer care outsourcing includes revenue management, customized customer support service, order processing services, after sales support and many other. We work in a fashion that ensures seamless integration of your business. You can enhance your brand value by implementation of customized ‘Customer Relationship Management Strategy’. The supportive services like inbound and outbound call center support, live chat, mobile SMSs and email management aid in achieve your business goals.

Customer Care services we offer:

  • Resolving the issues
  • Customer Contact Management
  • Reporting and tracking the issues

  • Order processing
  • Status of the order
  • Billing Enquiries
  • Account management

  • Welcome calls
  • Customer Surveys

  • Reminder Calls
  • Off-collections pre-charge
  • Off-collections post-charge

  • Enter into other product lines
  • Upgrading the existing services
  • Cross-sell packages

IBT Advantage
Performance Warranty

The passionate, dedicated and talented team of IBT ensures performance warranty to the clients. Our people are our strength. IBT’s rigorous hiring practices and teamwork culture help us recruit the best talent for customer service outsourcing.

24/7/365 Proficiencies

We offer a scalable call center capable to get your customers in touch with live people on-demand. Also know the power of emails when it comes to problems resolution. If you have Zendesk or your own company’s email system, we manage all. By integrating the support chat in your company’s website or app, higher adoption rate can be expected.

Centre of Excellence

IBT have a unique ‘Center of Excellence’ model for improvement of customers’ lifetime value. It includes large suite of patented and third-party technology solutions. We also render equal focus to analytics and automation.

Scalable Solutions

The first five minutes after your lead opens your email is the most crucial from sales point of view. We contact your new users within that five-minutes to ensure higher adoption rate soar. In order to establish a long-term relationship with the new users, it’s important to take their feedback. We make those calls for you and help you get insight of your customer base.

The Challenges and Opportunities

For extended customer retention, proper and effective customer service can play the role of a game changer. We strongly believe that having a robust customer support system in place is highly essential.

Other valid reasons:

  • It is necessary to have mobile solutions.
  • Agile services have overtaken multichannel services.
  • Customer service’s focus has shifted being a key differentiator from a cost center.

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