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Hybrid Cloud Data Integration Management Platform Solutions in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE

IBT’s Cloud Data Integration Solutions

At IBT we help you assist you to get a faster yet simpler way to cloud that promises to deliver best cloud solutions along with required flexibility to familiarize your cloud for the future. The client-base comprises of corporate as well as government entities using our cloud computing solutions to fulfill diverse range of application and infrastructure requirements like data storage, CRM, compute and database. Use our cloud integration services to:

  • Share and protect content
  • Simplify application and store utilization
  • Enable access from any device with web connectivity

Features of Cloud Computing Integration

  1. Cloud based integration platform
  2. Best facilities for testing and production
  3. Multi-tenant
  4. File-based integrations that can be easily implemented
  5. Open-source orchestration tool
  6. Development of integration and its continual maintenance
  7. Java and Angular-JS based intuitive UI


The Cloud Integration Experience

IBT is at your disposal for creation and deployment of seamless enterprise Cloud Integration services, help in building and arranging comprehensive enterprise integration strategies, cloud integration solutions, B2B integration and much more. Our customized Cloud Integration services is a holistic accelerator for re-usable components, framework of methods and industry’s best practices to aid in planning, strategizing and executing the solutions.

Advantages of Adopting Cloud Integration Solutions

Cost Effective

Companies using cloud computing do not require to buy equipment, buildout and run a data center. They can save on money from getting invested on hardware, utilizes, facilities and other areas of operations.


Improved Alliance

Cloud applications are capable to improve the collaboration by permitting more number of people meet virtually and ease sharing of information in real-time and through shared storage. Hence the time-to-market can be reduced and customer service along with product development is enhanced.

Environment Friendly

Shared resources elevate the ‘green’ credentials. By outsourcing cloud integration services there would be less number of data centers around the globe, leading to lesser stress on the environment.

Better Mobility

IBT’s cloud computing integration is all-about enhanced mobility. The workers can accomplish their tasks from anywhere via their smart phones or other devices. Employees get an added benefit to access data and applications from anywhere in the world.


Flexible Rates

The rates of cloud computing are quite flexible if compared with the traditional methods. Our clients just need to commission the work to us and pay only for server and infrastructure capacity that they require.

Accomplish More with Less

The companies can reduce their data center size and/or remove data center footprint. As the number of servers are reduced, overall software costs and number of staff being employed is also reduced. Thereby saving on company’s overhead costs without compromising on IT capabilities of the companies.

IBT Strengths

  • Better ROI and lesser TCO
  • Enhanced workforce productivity
  • Improved allocation of resources
  • Speedy reporting of information
  • Extensive alliance

  • Effectual data collection
  • Better visibility for distant operations
  • Increase in operational speed
  • Better quality of service
  • Higher customer retention

Digital Transformation with Cloud Integration Solutions

Planning of:

  • The Cloud Strategy
  • Cloud Selection
  • Assessment of application

Execution of:

  • Application Development
  • Application Testing
  • Deploying the Application


  • Application Management
  • Maintenance and Support for Applications
  • Constant improvement

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