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Reasons to Consider Outsourcing IT Infrastructure Technology for New Offices

Whether you are shifting to a new office location or building a new office from scratch, there arises need to set-up IT infrastructure for the new office. Efficient and right choice of new office IT solutions in Dubai can work as a catalyst to boost your overall business’s productivity and efficiency. Your network or business communications systems should be adequate enough to support needs of the new office and prepare it for future growth.

Before arriving at the final decision about the IT infrastructure for new office technology, certain questions need to be answered by you:

  • Does your office IT connection have enough bandwidth?
  • Do you intend to migrate services to the cloud?
  • Do you need a new IP-voice solution?
  • Is the data back-up plan capable enough to support your business continuity plans?
  • Is the technology enough to support new IT initiatives?

Still confused over decision of outsourcing new office IT solutions in Dubai? Here is another big reason for taking business decision in favor of outsourcing: “The Cost”.

The debate between in-house and outsourced IT is eternal, and we sit a little biased on the side of outsourced, being a Managed Services Provider. But from a logistics and cost perspective, outsourced almost always wins.

From the cost perspective and logistics part, outsourcing IT infrastructure solutions always wins over in-house IT set-up of IT department. Let us discuss the unseen expenses of hiring and maintaining an in-house IT department:

  1. Cost of employment

The cost of employing and maintaining an in-house team of IT professionals can be far more expensive and cumbersome than thought of. Some of the basic costs that you have to incur in case of hiring IT employees would include recruiting, training, re-training and getting their certifications in the latest technology so that your new office infrastructure is not left behind. You also need to cover their salaries, benefits or perks, their 401k, their machine, mileage reimbursement, etc. If compared with the costs of outsourcing IT infrastructure solutions in Abu Dhabi, it would be much lesser than the in-house recruitment and maintenance of and IT team.

  1. Replacement Cost

Replacement of workforce at any level has some financial loss on the part of employers. If the replacement is for a helpdesk technician then the cost of replacement would be there, but lesser compared to replacing an employee at the executive level position. By outsourcing IT infrastructure solutions, you would be saved from such unforeseen and undesirable expenses.

  1. Cost of Downtime

Maximum in-house IT departments of new offices cannot even guarantee 99.9% uptime, which you get from MSP. The cost of downtime for small businesses is much higher compared to big companies. Things like data loss, security breach or failed backups add to the that number.

  1. Ineffective IT support cost

Having non-productive or under-productive in-house IT staff for the new office can cause you a moolah. With new office IT solutions in Dubai there is no question to bear the expenditure of ineffective IT support. It is the headache of the outsourcing company to deliver the results.

IBT offers supportive hand and can work collectively for your new office’s IT infrastructure needs. Based on your new office space and requirements we would craft scalable and agile IT plans. Our main motive is to ensure smooth functioning of your business.

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