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Technology Infrastructure for new hotels to enrich Guests Experience

Are you planning to open a new hotel in Dubai? Do you want best IT solutions for new hotel in Dubai? Want to provide your guest best hotel experience? If your answer is Yes to these questions, then this blog is definitely going to help you in achieving your desired goal of enhanced guest experience at your hotel. Let us take a stroll at the hotel booking process. The guests have become smarter when it comes to hotel booking and selecting the facilities according to their preferences. Reading the reviews before making the booking, comparing the properties, pinning the best deal, etc. are some common practices before they pull out their credit cards to make payments.

What sets apart a 4-star reviewed hotel from the 5-star reviewed hotel? Of course, it’s the customer experience. In hotel industry you have to accommodate variety of travelers and fulfill their varied demands. So, what can be the best ways to improve their experiences making them refer to others or come back again?

  1. Focus, focus and focus

While planning a strategy to enhance your guests’ experience, remember that it starts right from the minute the travelers begins their search for a hotel and ends till they checkout. Lay your focus on every aspect like hotel search, stay and checkout.

  1. Give Guests What they Want

If you are embracing IT infrastructure for new hotel in Abu Dhabi, then make sure that you include all technology features that your guests want. Simple things like internet access and availability of free Wi-fi in hotel premises is the simplest technology demand. If you fail to offer that simple, then you would be the first to be deleted from their preference list. Make it certain that these facilities are secure, swift and readily accessible.

  1. Embrace the latest IT Solutions

IT infrastructure HotelInstalling hospitality cloud in your new hotel IT infrastructure is an excellent way to reduce costs whilst enhancing guest experience. Hotels that have embraced hospitality programs have increased the number of bookings, minimized the amount of energy used by the IT infrastructure and the hotel, maintain PCI compliance and abolish expensive downtime.

  1. Conduct Flawless Staff Training

Hotel’s staff training and quality of customer services goes hand-in-hand, together they form a hotel’s image and brand name in the market. If you are successful in making your guests feel welcomed, accommodated and cared for, then it implies that both staff training and customer service quality have gelled perfectly. Usually the training and workshops are delivered with enthusiasm, but over a period of time that gusto fades away. New hotels should schedule these training’s frequently and some standards should be enforced. Managers can observe employees’ tasks and offer useful advice where required.

  1. Maintain Cleanliness

Role of technology as surpassed all limitations. This can be understood from the fact that, with proper IT solutions and infrastructure you can monitor your employee tasks. For any hotel its cleanliness is of paramount importance. Ensure that right chemicals and equipment are used and the staff is properly trained.

  1. Keep the Consistency

Staying consistent in the customer experience and expectations you fulfill is a major part when it comes to guests’ experiences. The rule applies for local as well as international hotel establishment. Processes like online transaction, hotel booking, check-in, the stay, billing and checkout all should be hassle-free, painless and efficient. Do not allow poor IT solutions or infrastructure to dull your hotel’s image.

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