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Outsourcing IT Helpdesk- Is it a Viable Option? Check-Out this Guide

As businesses open to adopting more advanced technologies into their routine operations, the improved efficiencies come with major hindrances if IT support is lacking. Productivity and business as a whole can grind to a disturbing halt if an in-house IT division cannot control technological challenges that mount.

The requisite job of IT is to back your business on the technology front and foster an atmosphere in which the working of the business and technology can thrive. A robust IT support team should ensure that business works evenly and everyone is comfortable from a technological viewpoint. Your IT support team should be seen as a helpful partner of your business!

Sadly, this isn’t always the case. Poor (or delayed, or ineffective) support can be disastrous. In some businesses, something as apparently small as the Wi-Fi running down can mean a day’s lost profit. Repeated situations of lackluster IT support and the subsequent damage to business eventually spoil the critical IT/business relationship.

What does this mean for your business? To simply put: an aptly manned IT help desk is crucial to any organization, especially one that relies greatly on technology.

This is where IBT’s outsourced IT helpdesk solutions come in. A specialist in the field, we have been rendering custom Help Desk services to Fortune 50 and 500 clients for going on five years.

We provide IT help desk outsourcing services that blend seamlessly with business and produce excellent returns. Our technicians render 24/7/365 expert support – regardless of the time or problem, our staff is accessible and willing to roll up their sleeves and fix the issue at hand.

What are the major gains of outsourcing IT support to IBT?

Peace of Mind

Relief from bothering about what may go down with your IT infrastructure is priceless to an organization, and to be honest, your mental health too.

You can enjoy your bedtime knowing that if anything goes wrong or down with your IT, we have it under control. What this also implies is that there is no need to put your internal staff to work to fix the issue. That’s what we are here for. This transition into our next major gain:

Cost Savings

By having IBT to control your IT helpdesk, your staff can direct their efforts to tasks you hired them for! There’s no need to distract them from their work order and off of business priorities to solve issues that our specialists can work. If an IT crisis occurs in the midst of the night, you will not need to pay your staff for overtime hours to rush in and spend hours trying to troubleshoot a problem. That is what you’d contract us for!

Statistical Reporting

IBT creates tailored portals for the individual client on which their customers have access to on an international scale. Users can submit tickets via email, online portal, or the desktop admins create tickets on the fly as well.

We report the number of metrics and key performance pointers via remote software. An instance of monitored areas includes total tickets by the time of day (working hours and post hours, tickets accepted by the resolver, the time to resolve it, the time to IT professional receiving it, & log records per ticket, etc.).

What does this mean for you, your business? You have regular updates to every part of what goes on. Not only that, but we generate reports and examine metrics that produce constant quality growth.

On-Call Support Management

on-site-supportIBT’s support administrators are present on call 24/7/365. What does this mean for you? For example, if something goes wrong in the midnight, say at 3 AM, you can remain asleep peacefully knowing that our onsite handler is en route to your site, ready to work out the issue that has occurred, whether it be technological or staff related. This takes us to our next gain:

Personnel Management

Staff issues are no longer your trouble, they are ours. Hiring, training, firing and beyond. Did one of your preferred engineers abruptly quit? No need to fright; it is our system to have various candidates in our pipeline who are already fully vetted. We select candidates who we feel are a sound fit for your business and company culture.

IBT makes multiple extended interviews and only when we have narrowed our pool down to the ideal applications, present you with some excellent candidates. As our client, you choose who the soundest fit is. From there, we will guide them and ensure they hit the ground working once they are on duty.

We are also adept at managing just about any staff issue possible. When a client comes to us with concern, we work it professionally and swiftly.

Corrective & Preventative Maintenance

IBT presents root-cause analysis, bug-fix isolation, and resolution. From there, the corrective maintenance briefs are developed and shared promptly. When corrective maintenance pursuits are low, our team will examine and proactively take measures to limit potential problems for applications deemed important. We are continually one step ahead of the problems you may encounter.

Change Management

IBT supervises any changes launched for new or modified processes, methods, or strategies that influence the support team and that expect support team members to understand, study, and reflect.

Bug Fixes & Support with Application Usage

IBT conducts crisis repair of any system service that does not comply with the current confirmed and accepted system specification. This includes system failures, “hung” or frozen screens, or unexpected effects within the system that make it unusable for the object for which it was created.

We offer information and education on how to work applications, including performing activities and generating users.

IT help desk CTAAnd last, but not the least: you and your team have the full liberty to do what you do best!

Outsourcing your IT helpdesk enables staff and management alike to concentrate on what they were appointed to do. You keep doing what you do best, and permit us to do what we do best!

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