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Get the most out of your Managed IT Services

Managed IT services paves way for businesses of any size and industry to offload their IT risks to a third-party managed service provider or MSP. Such type of professional arrangement needs the business to pay a certain amount of fees for MSP they deliver for IT support within a specific contractual service level agreement or SLA.

Why do companies opt for MSP?

  1. Random IT budget
  2. On-going eruption of technical problems
  3. IT department staff augmentation
  4. Absence of a dedicated IT department

The above specified reasons gel down to one: the need for the businesses to have more growth, flexibility and peace of mind.

Transition to MSP via an IT solution and services company

Some companies may have doubts regarding the transition process from current IT infrastructure to managed IT services. They may think that it would disrupt their current system and disturb the working. As specified earlier Managed IT services simplifies your life and make things easier.

IBT, an IT support services company in Dubai begins the process of transition to MSP after in-depth reviewing of the client’s existing IT ecosystem. The updating can be partial or complete, it depends upon custom requirements of the businesses. Genuine company like IBT even suggest any specific IT services that should be implemented to strengthen your network. In MSP structure design is also taken care of like cables, routers and switches.

Services included under Managed IT services

  1. Maintenance

One of the key service of an IT solution and services company is to provide any business with proactive antivirus updates, proactive software updates and patching. Once your IT pains are offloaded to Managed services, the users should experience negligible problems.

  1. Support

Extended help desk support is basic service an MSP provides. Ideally associate with the service provider that offers remote and on-site support round the clock and 365 days a year.

  1. Security

An MSP should offer comprehensive network security. They should be well-equipped to provide protection against malware, cloud breaches and network breaches.

  1. Remediation

IT support services company should give a prompt response when any help desk ticket is placed. The troubleshooting your IT pains should be long-term and effective.

  1. Reporting

Even though you offload IT workload to an MSP provider, you should be closely involved with your own company’s technology. They offer you regular reports, asset inventories and full visibility of your IT environment.

  1. Monitoring

For every MSP it’s their job to monitor the overall health and performance of your servers and detect issues before they affect the system. IBT installs remote management software in every workstation for a full view of your infrastructure.

Basic steps to find right MSP

  1. Recognize your business’s goals
  2. Search for a Managed IT service provider that offers enterprise class service
  3. Find out a reliable service provider
  4. Discover the companies they partner with
  5. Find out how they provide value to your business

Wrapped Up

Role of Managed IT services in transforming any company and minimize the consumption gap concerning several technology corporations is accepted worldwide. IBT can increase your company’s revenue with added benefits of probable margin contributions. We provide comprehensive IT support, managed services and hardware to companies across different verticals and we can help you get 24/7 functioning IT department.Managed Services-IBT

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