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Discover the Power of Virtual Receptionist Services for your Business

A receptionist is the first person that clients come into contact before proceeding to the concerned department or person. If a receptionist is not able to address the queries or is unavailable for the client, it could cost you loss of business. Hiring live virtual receptionist services from any on-shore or off-shore company should address all related queries of the existing as well as prospective clients of a company. Several companies have already shifted their front desk to virtual receptionist call answering services for their unique professional reasons.

The unique features and the specifications is what that makes this service a hit among its users. Whether you have a small business, medium size enterprise or a big company, best live virtual receptionist services renders many benefits which are hard to procure with the traditional customer service model.

A quick glance at the benefits of using virtual receptionist calls answering services or why businesses prefer to hire these services:

  1. Lead Generation

The rule is simple if you provide exceptional customer service to customers, they are more inclined to keep you in business and make purchases. Thus the amount of lead generation would eventually increase and get on a progressive path as well.

  1. Minimizes overhead costs

Operating and maintenance overhead costs of hiring, training, paying regular salary and other company benefits to a receptionist in a traditional set-up is far more higher compared to even the best live virtual receptionist services. You only pay for the minutes you require, the best equipment are used to ensure clarity of calls and high-quality of customer service.

  1. Scheduling Of Appointments

Carry on with your usual business activities, and let your virtual receptionist manage and schedule meetings and appointments online. Several unwanted steps and time-frame for appointment scheduling gets reduced with these services.

  1. Needs No office Space

Most of the businesses these days operate online, so practically it is difficult for them to arrange a separate office area and facilities for an in-house receptionist. The virtual receptionist operates remotely hence they require zero office space and yet accomplish all the tasks successfully remotely.

  1. We Chat

As tablets and smartphones are slowly replacing actual desktops or PCs, the mode of receiving customer service is shifting towards online inquiries and receiving live help. In addition to answering the phone calls of your customers, virtual receptionists can provide quick response even through web chat making it an excellent interactive sales tool.

  1. Step ahead of competitors

A missed call of a customer can mean a missed business. By having a professional best live call answering services, answer every customer call. Prompt and timely responses go a long way in making and retaining clients. Thus a virtual receptionist has the potential to get you ahead of the competitors.

  1. Project a professional image

In an increasingly competitive marketplace, even minutest of business perfection like a well-trained personnel with telephone manners has the potential to project your brand with a professional image. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea of hire a receptionist and trains them with correct phone etiquettes. The manner in which the calls get handled, swiftness of resolving the queries and a proper dedicated business telephone number provides any company a professional image in the market.

  1. Allows you to run your business

Virtual receptionist services in particular prove to be a supportive service for the growing businesses and let them focus on their core business activities taking care of customer service activities handling.


Why is Virtual Receptionist service so important?

  • 24/7 live call answering
  • No Missed calls
  • Exact call routing
  • Zero wait time for callers
  • Fast call screening
  • Courteous and friendly call operators

Here are the top 10 features of Virtual Receptionist and call answering services:

  1. Live call answering
  2. Completely personalized service
  3. Free voicemail box and customer care number
  4. Appointment bookings and reminders
  5. Advanced calls screening
  6. Handling general inquiries
  7. Basic customer service
  8. Setting temporary call instructions
  9. Return calls on your behalf
  10. Real-time updates and notifications

IBT works on a simple yet powerful rule- ‘Always give customers more than what they expect to get.’ We are Dubai based IT solutions company providing professional live virtual receptionist and call answering services to local and international clients. Our live virtual receptionist and call answering services include- appointment scheduling, phone answering, CRM integration, appointment reminders, message taking and much more.

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