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Bunch of services pertaining to IT support and solutions

Whether you have a small-size business or a big company, there is always consistent requirement of different types of technology to spike a rise in productivity. Companies with limited IT resources struggle hard to stay updated with current IT trends and processes. If your business falls under the similar league of companies, then taking assistance from IT solution and services company in Abu Dhabi can relieve you off the burden of running the IT infrastructure smoothly.

Each company has its own set of IT requirements, thus IBT does not believes in one-size-fits all concept. By thorough understanding of the clients’ IT needs and which service can satiate their business demands, can solve the purpose to determine the best set of IT services to be deployed.

Most relevant services covered by IT support services company in Abu Dhabi are:

  1. Windows Support

Windows functionality might encounter issues like- upgrading to newer version, having issues with current Microsoft Windows, not functioning properly, etc. To overcome such problems, windows support is essential. IBT being one of the best IT support and services in Dubai provides services like- installation of Windows, Updating the Windows and much more. We have 24/7/365 days a year helpline to address any Windows support related issue.

  1. Business Intelligence

Business intelligence development services is an important part of IT support services. It delivers specifically engineered modules that creates call-to-action instances in the form of simulations, forecasts, optimization algorithms and decision based on relevant data, documents and personal knowledge.

  1. Networking

Networking solutions help in maximizing the worth of current network infrastructure through apt recognition of risks, opportunities, analysis of network approaches and correct recommendation of network services for network optimization. IBT, IT Solution and Services Company in Abu Dhabi covers an array of services under Networking solutions:

  • Routing solutions
  • Network set-up and administration
  • Network security
  • LAN connection set-up
  • Wireless solutions
  • Switching solutions
  • Structured cabling
  1. Software

One cannot deny the relevance of proper software maintenance and support. Such services can be availed by entering into a service- level agreement with IT solution and services company in Abu Dhabi. IBT offers enough support with reference to the software solutions that supports our clients’ business’s technology requirements.

Custom software services are for specific software requirements of any business that reduces the need to purchase multiple software. These services save any business from the obligation to buy costly licenses, maintenance and up-gradation costs.

  1. Digital Transformation

Digital transformation technologies which includes data analytics, the cloud and mobile is been progressing swiftly to become one of the strongest pulling force for businesses across all the sectors. These technologies backed transformation have started a wave of IT-innovation creating cost-saving and higher revenue generation opportunity.

  1. IT infrastructure for company

IT infrastructure for a company covers all the technologies needed for the business’s processes, software and operations. IT Support and Services in Dubai helps the companies deliver much-needed or anticipated IT services to the employees. To survive and excel in today’s technology driven economy, companies need right kind of IT infrastructure. Some of the services covered under this category are:

  • Disaster and back-up recovery
  • Microsoft cloud solutions
  • Desktop support
  • Virtualization solutions
  • Networking and wireless
  • Power and cooling
  • Managed Services
  • And much more.
  1. Information Communication Technologies (ICT)

ICT is a wide-concept that comprises of wide array of services catering to each and every detail of the IT sector of any company. Managed services, Security solutions, Professional services and Infrastructure solutions are part of ICT. The plan for ICT services can be tailor-made for clients belonging to diverse industries. For instance- Energy, education, large enterprises, government institutions, manufacturing, SMEs, etc. are few sectors that benefit from ICT solutions.

In a nutshell

Every business is different, so does the need and approach for IT support and services. IBT ensures that each service they provide works in your company’s favor. We eradicate every IT-related hinderance that comes on your path of business success.

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