Remote  Infrastructure Management is one of fastest growing services. Enterprises are  running mission critical applications need 24×7 monitoring, along with  management, DR and other similar services. This isn’t an easy job to do with  the in-house IT team. As a result Remote Infrastructure Management is becoming  a perfect option for enterprises across the globe. With their IT infrastructure outsourced, they can concentrate on their core business and utilize their IT  team in planning, design and escalation activities.


Our Remote Infrastructure Management service is the one of the best model of our delivery architecture. It possesses a benchmark of full redundancy, high availability, and unbending security.

IBT infrastructure management solutions are based on a robust architecture that is open and scalable and which eases out its integration with any existing scenario. Our monitoring consoles are trouble-free and dynamic to ensure faster service deployment and hustle-free problem resolution for even the largest customer.


Real-time response, mission-critical
process-accept-icon High need for process standardization in RIM
High security requirements in RIM compared to ADM and most BPO processes

Increased leverage of tools for RIM and contractual governance
High dependency on other vendors and IT assets required for effective execution
Talent requirement: RIM requires high technology skills

Key Benefits

  • Improves Infrastructure Performance Availability
  • Measurable & Visible IT Service Management
  • Faster & Improved ROI on IT Investment
  • Reduced Security Threats
  • Real Time expert system problem detection & remediation
  • Increased confidence of all stakeholders in the overall IT service availability
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