When it comes to delivering the appropriate level of Support for your end-user and infrastructure devices, significant investment in resources, personnel and training is the order of the day. Add to that the fact that as technology advances, you continually need to reinvest capital to keep pace with your competitors. But without proper support, your business efficiency and employee productivity will certainly take a knock … and you’ll increase the probability of extended downtime.

IBT IT Help Desk delivers the following services

  • Service Desk function
  • Technical Management Function
  • IT Operations Management Function
  • Applications Management Function

IBT help desk processes are based on ITIL 2012 edition best practices, which allow troubleshooting IT service requests faster and more efficiently. First, the service strategy is designed to ensure the services meet business needs. Then, the services are designed, moved into production and operated. The ongoing management of services is accompanied by the continual service improvement process.

When there is any failure or interruption to an IT service or system, the incident is reported to the IBT Help Desk either by call, IBT Web based Helpdesk Portal or a user email. Microsoft SharePoint portal is used as a user front-end controlling the incident process workflows, managing registers and assets lists (issue register, risk register, software & hardware asset registers), and providing access to the knowledge database and Help Desk & asset inventory reports.
The Help Desk team works in shifts securing full  24/7 continuity of the service. This allows to provide the services to different domain of customers in Corporate, Hospitals and Hotels Industry.
The IBT’s process of recruiting, interviewing, and selecting the best employees is well established and efficient. During the service team formation, customers  suggestions and preferences are one of the important factors taken into account.
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