Data Mining or Predictive Analysis – “The art of converting Data into meaningful and valuable Information”. Data Mining Service is also known as Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD) – is an automated process to reveal hidden information in large quantities of data.


IBT has a proven track record of quality data mining services and in assisting our customers in making accurate predictions and forecasts using our top-notch data mining services.

Our unmatched Data Mining Services are used by numerous financial, retail, communications and marketing organizations and other companies that have a strong consumer focus. Our professional services enable them to determine relationships among “internal” factors such as price, product positioning or staff skills, and “external” factors such as economic indicators, competition, and customer demographics.

  • Collecting information based on clients requirements from different websites by a manual or automated process.
  • Running customized scripts for data extraction or data capture from websites with huge volume of data which saves time and cost.
  • Populating information into desired output formats like MS Excel, MS Access, CSV formats or other formats as per the customer’s requirements.
  • Creating mailing lists with information like contact name, title, company information, address, telephone, fax, contact email, website etc. for marketing campaigns, and advertisements.
  • Gathering product details such as price, product description, quantity, images or photos from other websites or product catalogs, and feeding them into content management systems or online portals.
  • Checking for product updates such as prices, product availability or product specifications, which change frequently and updating the database of e-commerce websites.
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